In touch with sadness – K.B

  In touch with sadness



My sadness is immense
In this grey morning.

I’am not mourning anything,
It just gets at me sometimes,

Consuming myself with grief
For unknown reasons.

It could be a hundred things

Today, I write the saddest lines

How oft has love taken me on heights

But the chasm never was covered

The chasm is imaginary

The body falls

But the corridor
Of love

Always catches up
With the soul

At least , it’s my sadness
It belongs to me,

I own it.

Dreamt of helping
Hands yesterday,

Pulling me up on a cliff,

Richard was the first
To speak.

In fact, he sang

Half dazzled,
Sounds come
To me

At the speed of thought
Or a speedwagon,

Much faster than
Any mundane

I have to live
To think.

I have to sleep
To keep coherence.

But now ,
My heart wishes
For no more
Lonely nights ;

Artificial lights

And fireworks
Of harmony
And creativity,

Shared if possible.

The waitor dressed
In white looms over
The counter :

 » -Did you finish
Your order?  »

I’m speechless.

I’ve never asked for
Anything, but Health
And vitality,

And a little help
After a holy
Night in a
Bubble of resignation.

I’ve glorified,
I’ve praised,

It feels like
I’m entitled
To nothing.

Have we lost hope?
Am I, are we
Out of our minds?

Is this revolution
A fantasy
Of the
Mind ?

The questions
Linger in Limbo

Until fire is
Set in the body
To clean
And purify.


All rights reserved.2018.

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