Dancing in your grace – K.B

Dancing in your grace



The most beautiful
Hands are yours

The keenest eyes
Are yours

The worthiest
Is yours

I’m dancing
In your grace,

Whirling, whirling….

What love,
If you are not
There ?

What care
If you don’t
Live in my heart ?

What poetry
If it’s not
Dedicated to you?

Your love is unconditional,
You welcome everyone,

The poor with sore feet,
The orphan, the widow,
The beggars, the rich,
The disabled,

You have no prejudice,

You love all your creatures

That’s why I’m dancing
In your grace

That’s why art is
A moral force.

You are the
And the end

For all great

Wherever they
Come from….

Please accept
My desires
And longings
Reaching high
Up in the skies
To be closer
And closer
To you,

My Lord.



All rights reserved. 2018.

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