Art as a moral force – K. B

Art as a moral force

Forget the clichés, the stigma, the ideas, the representations the imaginary, the prejudice, the conceptions, the common sense…Art is a moral force that fuels the mind to strive for light, for humans, for people, for God, for anything that lives and will ever be, in this life or in the next, or the one before.

Artists, or so they call themselves, are mere humans, nor idols, nor gods, nor object of desire and projections, nor victims.

They are not a miror either.

Art is a moral force, it celebrates life, after life, human feelings, aspirations, failures, doubt, certainty, but above all, it tends to transcendance, or trance-sun-dance, call it as you wish.

It has a purpose, it is sometimes hedonistic, mostly solemn, and even more : a consolation, and a direction.

The preconceived idea about life is that it is linear, from A to B. In truth it is not. There is a lot of relativity according to the context. Time can be spatial, or opportunistic, Time is a moving thing leading towards death. Time is Death. And only through the acceptance of death, or weakness, or sickness, can we reach for the greatest secret of all. It is not to be wished, or instrumentalized, or longed for…those are mind tricks.





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