The stream – K.B

The stream


There was a god, beautiful and bright. Mischievous mankind and their daemons hid his light. Every happiness came with inconveniences, every pain grew unbearable until death or sickness. We come from his world, clear and pure. Our souls are made of light, there is a  seal on them that doesn’t let us join his stream of love and kindness. We live in a mute terror, unable to speak ourselves. I took off the seal, it was real freedom, absolute and uncompromised.


Eyes are veiled and cannot see the truth, hearts are sealed, bodies forgot what it felt like to be truly apeased and harmonious, the mind is deceased from too much of not enough.


In this night, I’m looking for him, for you, all of you, neither a prophet or a saint, only actors with our role.


It is a heresy we are living in, a fake reality made by some powerful people to spread hate and animosity, to divide and conquer. Look around you. You’ll see self satisfied individuals living on meritocracy for something they are not, forever alienated from the original purpose of birth. The reality of this world is other wordly, a higher good that is virtuous for every man, every woman, every child, every animal, every tree, every valley, every mountain, every stream.



K. B






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