Opinion : Beethoven’s 7th symphony – K. B

 Opinion : Beethoven’s 7th    symphony


Tragedy, drama, sublimed by heroism, each passing dark note is uplifted by the power of his will into a beauty commanded by providence. Listening to Beethoven is like watching a man drown and coming back at the surface for air, once the lungs are filled he starts singing again a song of ensemble and quasi perfect harmony. His struggle in life is so expressive, in such a perfect way, that music must have been for him god sent. Once you get acquainted with some of his symphonies, only one word comes to the mind : heroism in its full splendor, magnitude and power of the self against or with an outrageous fortune. Progressively deaf, his music nonetheless grew stronger with time. What connection did he have with the heavens to offer such gut gripping music ? In the 7th symphony, he is fully ripened, at the height of his creativity and intellectual strength. Some may say that his music is abstract, but once you get to know him, you can almost see him speaking, you can almost sense him behind his desk writing down his brief illuminations on the span of years to organize his music, structure the revery, harness the emotions that go through him. I would say that in a sense, he music is pre-taste of romanticism. One cannot ignore the drama of his life while listening, nor the sublime and at the same time subtle and wild process that leads him to heroism in the true sense, in other sense, assuming the power of the self in all it’s power. Thank you Beethoven for that. He had the courage to assume a total freedom of creativity, far from the well paying patrons thus coping with limited means of living, but, what a beast !



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