All the dreams of mankind- Part 6- The voice of Love- K.B

All the dreams of mankind- Part 6- the voice of Love

The voice of love is strangled by lust to flee from the miseries of the world. He saw her  in a shade, under the trees, at the end of the road, and he couldn’t keep away from he skin, and his body was screaming to touch her. Puzzled, he couldn’t resist. Everything was swept away by her beautiful presence and the golden hair. He wanted to just disappear in her lap and to cease from existing, to cease the pain he is not aware of, disappear and never come back,  join a world of happiness and delight, constant drunkenness and lightness of feet,  dancing and whirling in the deep ocean like a male mermaid. Change sex, and become part of the world like the sixtine chapel has been part of the Vatican over the centuries. Or, a sculpture in a beautiful castle, untouched for decades waking up at the right time to save something precious. He just wants to forget everything, and, left unscarred, he would be reborn like a baby, like a phoenix with new feathers that would caress the surface of the water while he flies with a piercing eyes,  strength, and full vigor , leavîng sickness for ever. But like a beautiful illusion , once he steps in, everything disappears like a mirage and his unfaithful heart get blackened because he thought to himself afterwards that he could build something on it. On the moment it wasn’t that painful. It was good. But he thought for a moment, that he could catch illusions. It is dangerous to build something on illusions. When it disappears, it leaves one alone and wretched. But some people managed somehow to push their art really far and even gained recognition, and lived a happy life. He is confused. He tried. He still tries. He still will try, inshallah.




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