All the dreams of mankind- part 3- K.B

Voleur de feu - Poésie - Fire thief- Poetry

 All the dreams of mankind

No more of the divine wind, but the sweet lullaby of oriental music in the ears, and O spirit, that flies over the peeks of ecstasy in forgotten lands. Sometimes, he feels like an adventurer discovering each time new diamonds in a mass of mud, moistened earth in the tropical weather. With his small sword he cuts through the vegetation and strolls on untrodden paths, and every time, it gets him, that funny feeling inside. Of being for once totally alone, all senses alert, feeding on the pure air of wisdom that flows in his blossoming country. And like a gardener that plucks the roses before they fall into decay, he seizes thoughts far from the looming despair of his room at his parents house, in which he has shown fires and flames before falling into a deep frozen sleep, until the horn rang again…

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