All the dreams of mankind- part 2- K.B

           All the dreams of mankind



And as the mystery unravels, the drought takes hold of the soul. The rain, drug induced, is far, and the clouds bearing the sacred drops are high up in the mountains, but there the divine wind doesn’t care about pushing them to the valley. Often, when silence dawns on the poor face, and after being tense, finally peace relaxes the muscled and the eyes are clear again. O Peace, alone, you destroy mankind with your non-sense. And in excess, you kill the spirit that is as vigorous as a lion, or as a hunter in the desert that seeks its prey in the moonlit space. All the tumultuous lives in his hand, he trows them in a basin filled with white liquid, that absorbs everything and leaves him peaceful and resting. Because he has a conscience that fills the world, and the problems of other people always caused in him much distress. His conscience is as wide as the oceans, and as vast as a cave. He retired from the world, but one day he will come back. He has a nice loving family around him, and what he craves most is fun, and forgetfulness, but how to achieve happiness in the dutiful presence of Him? He loves to be life drunk and to feed on impressions like a true painter. He loves to gorge himself with food like a maharadjah in his castle, he loves wide rooms and endless drawing rooms. And above all, starry love that fills you, loads you better than liquor. A sweet woman’s body pressed against his, and O, ecstasy in the wanderous night, just as the last lights shut down, in a small room on a small bed, smelling the incense of her skin, and talking word of love, but hush, such a thing in our world is restricted, forbidden and does one has to be careful? He doesn’t know, and he won’t risk to show the untainted source to infidels, who do not care about the last beauty we have when everything’s gone, each other.


K.B .


All rights reserved.2018.

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