All the dreams of mankind- part 1- K.B

          All the dreams of mankind


All the dreams of mankind, washed away by the divine wind, all the sensitivity and the positive emotion, swept away by the divine wind, repression of desires and apparition of colors, love unbound and truth and beauty and freedom, and all the enjoyments of a casual life, swept away by the divine wind. Poets and writers aching, with no space to express their beautiful voices that sing, sing, and dance on a paper , words glittering bright and lines blurry with tears of joy, until they find the promised land they were so keen to talk about during their short lives, a land full of fruits and palm trees, with beautifully arranged gardens and bathing in sunlit rivers, bottomed by shining stones. Hungry in the stove, and life that runs through his veins is going to waste. There is always something missing and we have to make up for it, sometimes he hits the wall, and he has thus to resign, times of prodigious creativity are gone, and there is only the slow murmur of the wind craft that was strong just before, only to be replaced by staggering heat. Love and her, he already forgot everything in his interior world, and nerves ill, the chronicle unravels despite everything, that’s what he thinks, life is far more simple. Simple acceptance, and desires, and colors.



All rights reserved.2018.


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