O Take me ! – K. B

O, Take me !



O, take me to the land of poetry.


In exile, on earth I am.
To the land of poetry !
Where the saints
Are bosom naked,
Where the moaning
Is strong
Under rosy clouds.

Take me to the land
Of poetry
Where lies
Lead the lads
To the Bible,
Where trees
All year long.

Take me, take me.

I urge Life
To take me
To my sweet beginning
To the end of all pain
In tears of joy
Falling from above
And rejuvenating
The tired spirit
Living in the cities.

O, take me, take me
Where the whores
Unclad smile tenderly
At my affections.


Take me, take me
To the land of all possibilities
Where energy replaces the body
Redeemed by the spirit inside,
Going north, to the west,
Where chambers
Of sunlit candles
Bathe in encense,
Where all men
Find respite
In couches of silk
And walking waitresses,
Half naked , their
Skin sun tanned
By the constant weather
Of happiness underneath
Sheets of everlasting
When the night dawns.

O take me,
Take me
To the land of poetry
Where woes are forgotten
And water abundant.


Take, take me to the land
Of all kindness and soft
Where delirium leads to reason,
Sins to the best in us ,
Take me on a journey
Where every dusk brings
Peace to the tired eye
And every dawn
Spings a new source
Of beginnings.

O take, take me
I seek no revenge
Just the lights
Of a setting
In the middle
Of nowhere
So full of all its stars
That renew the conquest
Of freedom and happinness,
Just by looking at them
Fllickering in the far
When the mind
Deceases from
Its occupation.

The sky seems
So bright
With constellations
And the shining unicorn
Comes along to take me
Away, to the land of poetry
To the unspoken mystery
Of lives in eternal gardens.

O Yearning, unfulfilled
By the chimes of time
And the actions of men.

O, take me, take me,
My breath is short
Like bread.


O, take me


In travels
To new beginnings
To the true and real life
Where I lay naked
Nearby streams
To the rumors
Of nature
Speaking of joy
And strength,
Rest and respite,
Total freedom,
And freed bodies
Coping with almost
To the end of times.

O, take me to the unveiled
To far skies
Where lies
Your paradise,
Where lies
Respite from the
Tempetuous mind
Caught in nets
Of reckless

O, take me,
Take me, poetry !
Where the air
In confettis
Of endless glory
And joy.

I’m in between
In the present,
In the moment
Where everything
Is more clear
And yet,
I wish for you,
O, lands of unbeaten
Quality and taste,
Where the humble
Can linger on his
With prayers
Of Love
All around
The globe,
With fantasies
Of an amazing
Ruled by
The uncanny
God of mercy
Who hides
Down here,
Whom I can’t see
The reign
Of Nature,
Forever silent
To the unconsoled
Poet in exile
On this earth.

Take me,
Take me,
O, take me
To the land of poetry
Where passion is an
Elusive character
Walking through
Discreet doors
Of flowery boweries.

Take me,
And there goes the tone,
There goes the tune.
Let me bathe
With the creatures
Of loving features.

There goes the chime,
Again, time has elapsed
And the sand in the glass
Is waiting to be turned
By some magical hand
That bears the scar
Of lions amidst
The jungles,
Of Incense
In the sunlit room,
In dark times
When the day is done,
Over with his task
Unrelenting , scorching.


Splash ! I fell
In the fountain,
And now, so can I linger,
Then wonder,
Then , lay on my bed
In the promised land.


Copyright under K.B


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