A tribute to Duke Ellington – K. B

A tribute to Duke Ellington.


( composed under the influence
Of « Something to live for »
And « Day-dream »)


« O my Duke ! »


« O my Duke,
It’s war
And I’m alone
In ma room.
It’s smoky
And it smells
Of perfume ! »

« O my Duke ,
Liquor, gone !
Till’ dawn.
It all happened
So fast,
Ma hope,
Ma dream
Was a glass
On a terrace. »

« O my Duke ,
Friends and lovers,
All mirrored in the glass,
Tingling, doo-wop.
It all dances
In the far ! »


« O my duke,
Spirit massacred
By tempest.
Shit, man !
It all falls apart,
It all falls
In the pit
Where I spat.
That same hole
In which the
Flame of love
Used to burn
Unusually bright
In the turquoise
Shit man !
I got caught
By the hand
Of God
Who closed
His eyes
For a while
While I was
Taking a piss,
Walking down…
The streets,
For some
Special encounter
That would delight me,
Better, unchain me !
Oooh Yeah ! . »

« But O my Duke ,
Love was a mirror,
And when it broke
I got caught, (again !),
With ma pants down,
With meaningless soups ! »

« My duke !
Desire, gone !
All fainty ,
She didn’t come.
O, I came
With you,
But then again,
The Law was
Too strong
For my poor
Mind. »

« For once,
I felt something
Desire, gone ! ».

« Back to the cave
Of all pain
When love,
Are not met ! ».


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