Suddenly, the pain recedes – K. B

Suddenly the pain recedes



Suddenly the pain recedes
After the battles of the day.

Suddenly, eveything dissolves.

Suddenly, dreams are alive ;

In me, in thousands of people
Bright like a candle in the dark.

Suddenly, everything,
By the power of the freed mind
Seems to be clear and easy.

Suddenly the world sings.

Suddenly, daemons
Are scared
By the light
And recoil back in their
O supreme intelligence !

Days and hours
Of humility
And torture.

The pain givers
Are away.

Colors flicker
In infinite shades
And dances.

A wise man said,
« Love can only be
In the shadow of
A great dream ».

The machine
Is set on a track
With full ripened body.

Suddenly, the whips
Become utopia
Entangled by
Warm branches
Under the breeze.

A cry for love,
A thirst for dreams,
Arises from the ashes ;
Man made ashes
Where the unfortunate
Sits on his bed bedazzled
By ineptia and tiredness
But me, right now
As a bright kid
I will overcome
The rivers that
Make me lose sight
Of happinness.

For once,
As the monsters
Are asleep,
A prodigious idea
Appeared, clad in
Amazing colors.

Disobeyed, I won’t be !
When good sense
Is at work,
Far from the dust
Far from mischiefs
Of the unworthy
Of living.

No compassion
Haunts the echoes
Of the valley
That doesn’t
See the sun.

I flew with my spirit
Over the horizon
And I saw marvels
That I could touch
And smell.

And yet,
The enchantment
Is still there
Through the windows
Of the cell,
In watery eyes fed
By the mysteries
Of alienating evil
Until we lose
All sight of the good,
The sun and the balm.

Daily fights with savages
Of the jungle left prints
In the candid heart
Looking for a beer,
A fuck,
A great inspiration
And a mellow ending.

Fire ! Love !

Selfish passions
Striking the gentle
In the hands of fate.

Fire ! Love !

Gone !

Great ideas feeding
The poor
Waiting for the promised land
Under some tree in peaceful beds.

Fire ! Love !

Undignified interruptions
Of grace without time
To expand in the universe
And reach for the stars
Stress, anguish,
Forever in the western

Me, amnesia
And journey
To the promised land
Now that I was given
The means.

Never again
The bad influence
Of the simple mind
Uncapable of denying
The truth of misery
Until the eyes
Where the soul
Is reflected
Become dark
And hide
That same truth
Of light.

Caught in the game,
What do I care ?

I know a place
Where birds are
Floating in the air
And singing their
Song to woe the
Nature of smart
Hidden in layers
Of modesty.

The shadows are back
To take a bite,
To nag at the virtuous
Who rejoices in chaos,

May his spirit live on
In beds of love,
In couches of surrender
In flames of revolt,
In deeds of inspiration,
In words of kindness,
In reasoned speech
Finding its roots
Deep in the earth
Where he stands
To smoke the salmon
Nearby the rivers
That almost took him

Rivers of dirt
Without explanation,

Rivers of true strength
Without reason,

Me, poet, seizing
The lanterns in
The caves to find
A way out,

And tonight,
There it came !
As I was paddling
In mud sent
By the creator
Of all things,

Sent by the distorted
Realities of machinery,
Interests ( Such villainy !),
And utopic purpose
Under the same tree
That saw the knights
Swear loyalty
To the neverending
Pleasures and seriousness
Of life !



All rights reserved.


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