Dreams of writhing ecstasy

Dreams of writhing ecstasy


I dance in the midst
Of a laughing crowd ;

Not knowing if they are
Mocking me or having fun ;

I spring in every direction
Like a forgotten season
In an ancient cave :

My tired body and mind,
My love paintings,

The touch of a duke
On a weak and blond face.

Faded is the beauty in the hallways
Of drugs amidst happy and laughing people.

The face,
Wiped out with tenderness
And tears in the lovely eyes
And the fair skin,

Cracked in the middle,
And so I say with grace :

« -Don’t hurt yourself,
Don’t take down your beauty. »

A minute ago, she was dancing
And talking with my friends.

I walked with her on my knee
Gliding through the sunlit room
In the darkest of night ;

Of Knight.

A minute ago,
I was outside waiting
And dancing with strangers
And feathers on the head.

I was jumping everywhere
And my cousin was serving food.

Tousands of faces
Slid as I was slipping
Into dreams of ecstasy.

I saw them smiling,
Rich faces and beautiful

Candid women
Like I like them.

In the bathroom,
I wiped her face,

And her narrow legs
Were showing underneath

The short door while she was
Taking a piss.

People were suspicious
And angry because I was
A man in the lady’s room.

Late in the years
I saw her again
Through my lens,
Watching her unseen

With pure benevolence,
Not a hint a perversion.

She would let her ladyfriend
In her father’s castle, silently,
Discreetly, unnoticed,
To spend some good time
In her room, but…the father,

Square headed authority,
Tall and big
Out of the shadows
And painted glass,

Was looming
In my dreams of ecstasy…

O dreams accross the veiled
Blue sky at dusk….
The wind was howling…
Looming… Farewell !



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